Introspection Piano Album

Introspection is Alan Griffiths’ well-received debut solo piano album. Griffiths’ art music composition is influenced by Elgar, Faure, Satie, Penderecki and especially Rachmaninoff. Cinema composers including Gershwin, Morricone, Horner, Herrmann and Goldsmith also left a deep impression on Griffiths.

Introspection and its first track Reverie II is dedicated to his late brother Michael who passed away in early 2016.

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Industry Feedback
  • ... it’s full of wonderful solo piano music.

    25th August, 2017, Madeliene Roycroft, Australian Sounds, 3mbs

    Reverie I, II and III, three works interspersed in the program, were outstanding examples of the great compositional balance of virtuosity, simplicity, fragility and drama that Griffiths achieves in Introspection. This is not an easy task for solo piano music.

    July 30th, 2017, Chloe Sanger, CutCommon

    Introspection, a cycle of works for solo piano, reveals intimately yet accessibly
    Griffiths’ adventurous spirit and heartfelt thoughts. We believe his music will
    touch both seasoned music-lovers as well as newcomers to the exciting world of
    classical and art music.

    June 29th, 2017, Scintillations Music

    In support of composers we present Alan Griffiths’ debut album ‘Introspection’.

    April, 2017, Beleura House & Garden, Mornington

    Al Griffiths music is sublime. Ranging from thoughtful, meditative and reflective to highly intense and colourful, Griffiths takes us on a journey of his heart and life with every piece he composes.

    March 31st, 2017, Sharon Peers | Course Director, Filmmaking Summer School, University of Melbourne

    So an album with more of its heart in the history of classical music than the title might suggest, and – given just how many ambient albums are out there these days – the better for it.

    ... this is really interesting stuff... I'm going to recommend this album

    February 2, 2017, Graham Reid, Elsewhere & Radio Live 106 FM New Zealand

    Griffiths has established a unique compositional voice on this fine recording. It is a major achievement to realise such a cohesive work. A superb release

    Dec 21, 2016, Dr. Tim Nikolsky, Editor Australian Jazz Real Book

    4 out of 5 stars. Griffiths really has developed his own style. There are the occasional hints of the influences, but he can be confident in calling all of his compositions uniquely his own.

    Dec 6th, 2016, Clifton White, Canberra Critics Circle

    The music ebbs and flows, rising to pitches of excitement, then lapsing back into melancholy. That is scarcely an unusual expressive combination, but it is achieved with great skill.

    The pianist is Evgeny Ukhanov, whose touch is delicate when required, ferocious when needed. Ukhanov’s tone is liquid, even luminous, and the precision of his attack is flawless throughout. His sensibility seems to perfectly match the composition...

    This is a fine first recording by Griffiths. He has established himself as an accomplished composer and his introspections justify close listening.

    Nov 5th, 2016, David James, News Weekly

    Introspection deals with the ethereal, the intangible and the ineffable.. As an abstract visual artist classical music is indispensable and central while I work. Griffiths debut album is deeply moving and inspiring, my new work a large Diptych will be based on this album, and in particular Reverie I, II & III

    October 2016, Agneta Ekholm, Melbourne

 ℗ © Alan Griffiths 2016