The Victoria Premiere

June 14th, 2017, The Tallis Pavillion, Beleura House and Gardens, Mornington

Around 3 weeks ago, 11 tickets had been sold for the Victoria Introspection Premiere. As Beleura House’s maximum seating capacity is 100, I must admit I was nervous.

Their website was also down 2 weeks before the concert for 6 days’ maintenance. Bookings were slow, 9 people I knew said they couldn’t make it after all.

But I needn’t have worried.

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The World Premiere

October 30th, 2017, Stuart & Sons Spring Concert Series, The Crispe Galleries, Bowning, NSW

Posted Dec 1st, 2016

Introspection was performed live by Evgeny Ukhanov on a very rare 102-key Stuart & Sons piano as part of the Stuart & Sons Spring Concert Series.


So rare is this 2.9 metre 4 pedal piano, veneered in rare Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras, that only 6 pianos of this 102-key range exist in the world. Steinway has only 88 keys.

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Album and Tracks now on Bandcamp

For those of you who have thrown out your old CD player you can download the album &/or individual tracks at:


CD Available from 6th June 2016



After picking up my first lot of 1000 Introspection CDs they are now available for purchase from this site.

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