Upcoming Concerts

Tickets on sale April 2018

2nd Album featuring Nicholas Young, George Yang & Dominic Przywara to be launched in Melbourne in 2018. Date TBC.

Previous Concerts

Nicholas Young Performs the Shepparton Introspection Recital, 28th October 2017

Beleura House (Mornington). Ashley Hribar performs solo recital including Reverie 2 from Introspection by Alan Griffiths on  a  Stuart & Sons Australian piano, October 13 2017

Newcastle Art Gallery. Ashley Hribar performs solo recital including Reverie 2 from Introspection by Alan Griffiths on  a  Stuart & Sons  Australian piano, September 22 2017

Adelaide, Ashley Hribar performs Reverie 2 from Introspection, 30th August 2017

Nicholas Young, Zoe Freisberg & Gemma Tomlinson Perform the 50th Birthday Concert, 16th July 2017

Nicholas Young Performs the Victoria Introspection Premiere, 14th June 2017

Evgeny Ukhanov Performs the Introspection World Premiere, 30th October 2016