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Agneta Ekholm, Melbourne, October 2016

“Introspection deals with the ethereal, the intangible and the ineffable.. As an abstract visual artist classical music is indispensable and central while I work. Griffiths debut album is deeply moving and inspiring, my new work a large Diptych will be based on this album, and in particular Reverie I, II & III.”

Reverie 2017 Diptych 173x308cm acrylic on canvas featured in the Flinders Lane Gallery invitation to Agneta Ekholm’s exhibition on Figment exhibition from 7th March – 1st April 2017 and has been invited to hang at the DENFAIR 8-10 June Melbourne.

Agneta was awarded the DENFAIR award for best exhibited gallery work for this exhibition.

Figment Exhibition


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‘Alan Griffiths take a bow that was one of the best music recitals I have ever been too, beautiful music straight from your soul.’

Zhivan, Shepparton, Tuesday 31st October, 2017

‘I stumbled over your music last year and was, well, moved, for it is highly emotional and evocative poetry.’

Michael, Sydney, Sunday 16th April, 2017

‘This music sets my heart and soul on fire. Introspection is such a poignant piece of music, thank you Alan for the composition, and thanks to Evgeny Ukhanov for such a masterful rendition.’

Brian, Christchurch NewZealand, Thursday 11th January, 2017

‘It was sheer pleasure listening to Alan Griffith’s unique and original work performed on a Stuart and Sons grand piano. Griffiths has worked hard to achieve a riveting piece of art that enthralled us all, taking us through his panoply of his styles, moods and influences.

Evgeny Ukhanov, an accomplished pianist, dazzled us with his expertise and talent. It was an eventful and momentous afternoon and I can’t wait for Griffiths’ next work.’

Russell feedback from the Introspection premiere, Yass, NSW, Sunday 30th October, 2016 

‘Great gig. You spoke very well! During the break I overheard a woman at the coffee stand say to her friend ‘i’m in love’, her friend said ‘do you mean with the composer or his work’? She thought about it and replied ‘with both’.’

Paul feedback from the Introspection premiere, Yass, NSW, Sunday 30th October, 2016 

‘This album is quite unique. Love the edginess and depth of Al’s compositions. They are certainly a lovely thing to sit down and listen to after a tough week. So many different moods… Also love the beautiful tonality of the recording.’

Bret, Melbourne, Sunday 23rd October, 2016


‘Your album is an amazing achievement. I have listened to it 3 times now and am going through it track by track again. I have listened to the first 4 tracks maybe seven times each. It is a developing relationship and gets deeper all the time. I am really enjoying it. I feel like I am getting to know how you think/create. You should be very proud.

I keep on imagining you playing the piano and then have to remind myself it is Evgeny. Sometimes I think you may have performed some of it differently.’

Neil, Melbourne, Thursday 22nd September, 2016

‘Outstanding companion to and from work driving ! Prevents road rage! Useful at the moments of enlightenment as well. I love it !’

Vladimir, New York, USA, Wednesday 3rd August, 2016

‘Dear Alan, Thankyou so much for the beautiful music, it is sublime. You are very gifted, I listen to the uplifting sounds nearly every day. I have also played it to some of our residents and the transformation of the energy is palpable. I trust your brother is very proud of you in the heavenly realms. With gratitude,

 Gabriele, Melbourne, Friday 29th July, 2016    (my first album fan mail I recieved in the post)

‘In the mean time we received your CD in good order. We really enjoy your music – especially the Fugue is great. (from the first time the motif is played I even made a ringtone for my iPhone – some sacrilege i’m afraid 🙂 We like that your music is no ‘easy listening’, but has depth.’

  Douwe-Anne & Ynte, Groningen, Netherlands, Tuesday 19th July

‘Hello Alan…I’m alone and listening to your magnificent CD…Iam no classical music expert…but this music is quite special… I listen….I think of Michael….such a gentle a beautiful soul..!!.. All those times …those shifts….so many times I would be there….perhaps a little unwell…low of mood …bad shoulder..,.whatever…

Michael would be the one to notice….and say…and show concern…..we often would listen to Mozart… Together….today I’m back to tears form in my eyes….you are a superb composer.!!.

And the pianist is also magnificent…. The quality of sound thru my 20 year old pioneer amp and ancient Paradigm speakers is wonderful…sounds like I’m in a room with the grand piano in front of me….sounds so real.!!. And intimate..!!..

Congratulations!!… You must be very proud…. I will treasure it !!… Next playing tonight after midnight….Kindest regards’.

  Tony, Christchurch, New Zealand, Thursday 14th July

‘Hey Al, I’m in my living room listening to your CD, and I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of what you’ve created. It’s fresh but not jarringly challenging, like meeting someone new and feeling like they’re already an old friend. The music is confident and subtle and complex, and Evgeny isn’t half bad either 😉 I feel like I’m being taken on a journey through a rich life, with my heart held wide open to the tenderness and strength and pride and sorrow and anger and love and everything in between. You’re a bloody genius Al, thank you for giving this to the world.’

  Anne, Goolawa, New South wales, Wednesday 6th July

‘Congratulations on bringing this worthy project and beautiful work to completion. This is a blessing and uplifting album in line with my own energy, spirit and heart. Thank You and Congratulations.’

  Horst, Hobart, Tasmania,  Monday 4th July

‘“Introspection” is a musical and emotional journey of great depth and breadth. It inspires many emotions, overall a happy time and well worth listening to.’

  Tony, New South Wales, Thursday 23rd June

‘professionally presented (loved the choice of Jackie’s photo) – look forward to listening to the complete album’

  Rog, Shepparton, Victoria, Thursday 16th June, 2016


Thanks to everyone involved in making of Introspection, including:

Recording and editing: Allan Neuendorf at Burwood Sound Studios

Piano technician and tuner: David Farrell

Mixing: Craig Field of Underwood Studio, Sydney, NSW

Mastering: Joseph Carra ‘ at Crystal Mastering

Post Mastering: Adrian Akkerman at Incubator Studios

Album photography: Album cover and theme, and all images except for Ukhanov’s portrait and image of Michael and Alan (c) Jackie Clements   Ukhanov’s two portraits (c) Cardigan Street Photography

Young’s two portraits (c) Max Bosse

Website: Ed Love

Additional Design Assistance: Jon Pike

Thanks also to Nicholas Croft, Carolyn Cazzbo’ Johns and Jo Smith for their assistance

Recording, mixing and mastering the introspection world premiere on location at The Crispe Galleries, Bowning, NSW: Craig Field of Underwood Studios