Alan Griffiths: the Composer

AL portrait for Peter Crisp

Alan Griffiths was born in Blantyre, Malawi in 1967 and moved to Christchurch, New Zealand six years later. He studied piano and clarinet from age 9 before winning a scholarship at age 10 as boy soprano with the Christchurch Cathedral Choir.

From age 13 he had a deep urge to write music, and began composing his own art music. At age 18, after a brief stint in the New Zealand Army Band as a keyboard player, Griffiths moved to Australia, where he sought private study with professional composers.

Griffiths studied with the late Michael Easton, then with the late Dr Allan Zavod. Under Zavod’s guidance Griffiths’ music became freer and more widely expressive. He went on to score for dozens of plays, corporates, and short films and two feature films.

Introspection Volume 1 is the first of a collection of albums Griffiths will be releasing featuring his solo piano and chamber work.

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