Rare View Double World Premiere

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‘It was an absolute triumph’

Wayne Stuart, ABC Radio Hobart, September 25, 2018 at 38:45

For those who missed out on my World Premiere you can download a copy of Rare View at:

Alan composed all this music in Melbourne in between film score work. He  rearranged the piano repertoire for this one-off concert in the beautiful setting of Beleura House. Nicholas performed on a brand new and only piano of its kind in the world: a 4-pedal 108-key Stuart concert grand piano named The Big Beleura. Tallis Foundation commissioned the Stuart family to make this piano to reside in Beleura House’s Tallis Pavilion.

The Big Beleura is the culmination of Wayne Stuart’s many decades of craftsmanship and groundbreaking design. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, Nicholas performed Bach’s ‘Gigue’ finale from his rarely heard Sonata in A minor BWV 965 for the concert encore. This was also a World Premiere performance of the Bach piece as it was written for the entire range of the church organ of 108 keys. Nicholas received a standing ovation for his efforts.

This concert was also the World Premiere performance of The Big Beleura. The Rare View World Premiere was the third premiere in a row of Alan’s albums on a rare Stuart concert piano.

Audience inspects The Big Beleura

Alan invited David Green of SONY Australia to open this concert and speak about SONY’s brand new C100 High-Resolution microphones that were utilised to record my repertoire before and during this concert. Rare View is the first album in the world to utilise these new microphones, before they entered the market.

David Green – SONY Australia

Dominik performed on a very rare Samuel Zygmuntowicz violin lent to him by Andrew Haveron, concertmaster of Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Alan and Paul at Goolawa National Park in 2017

Rare View is dedicated to the late Paul Martin, a dear friend of Alan’s . This album consists of 7 new piano pieces and 5 new chamber works, composed between 1988 and 2018. Alan’s most recent blog describes why he named this album Rare View.

From 2019 on wards, Alan aims to produce full length concerts of both his Introspection and Rare View albums. For further information contact Alan at scorecomposer@iinet.net.au