Rare View

Excerpt from Trio 1, 2nd Movement Adagio in Memorium Alan composed in January 2018

Piano – Nicholas Young, Cello – George Yang and Violin – Dominik Przywara. Cinematographer James Carrett

Dedicated to the dear memory of Paul Martin

Tickets on sale for the Rare View World Premiere

Alan and Paul at Goolawa National Park in 2017

Alan’s second album, Rare View consists of original contemporary classical music Alan composed in Melbourne. Its repertoire consists of 7 new piano pieces and 5 new chamber works, composed between 1988 and 2018. Alan’s most recent blog describes why he named this album Rare View.

Rare View will be released on:

  • CD
  • and web

Rare View’s World Premiere on Saturday, 22nd September at 1:30pm at:

Tallis Pavilion
Beleura House

Nicholas Young will perform a very rare piano, so rare it is the only one of its kind in the world. It is currently being built by Stuart & Sons and has been commissioned by Beleura House. This concert piano consists of 108-keys and 4 pedals (Steinway has 88-keys) and Alan will re-arrange Rare View’s repertoire to embrace the entire range of this piano. This will be the 3rd premiere of a Griffiths album performed in a row on a rare Stuart piano.

From 2019 on wards, Alan aims to produce full length concerts of both his Introspection and Rare View albums. For further information contact Alan at info@griffithscomposer.com