The Victoria Premiere

June 14th, 2017, The Tallis Pavillion, Beleura House and Gardens, Mornington

Around 3 weeks ago, 11 tickets had been sold for the Victoria Introspection Premiere. As Beleura House’s maximum seating capacity is 100, I must admit I was nervous.

Their website was also down 2 weeks before the concert for 6 days’ maintenance. Bookings were slow, 9 people I knew said they couldn’t make it after all.

But I needn’t have worried.


Over 70 people attended yesterday’s concert with great enthusiasm. The Victoria Premiere was performed by internationally acclaimed concert pianist Nicholas Young on one of only six Stuart & Sons 102-key, 4 pedal, 2.9 metre Concert Grand pianos in existence. Veneered in rare Tasmanian Huon Pine, the Beleura House’s Tallis Pavilion features not one but two of these rare eye and ear catching Australian owned and made pianos.

Yesterday’s recital was a testament to the immense breadth of musical expression a good pianist can draw out from this piano. From thunderous loud deep chords below the register of any other piano, to the tiniest whisper of its highest notes, I think this performance left many people stunned.

As my debut album Introspection had its World Premiere in 2016 as part of last years’ Stuart & Sons Spring Concert Series, I took into consideration the Stuart’s extra 14 keys, by re-arranging the repertoire for this performance.

I also hired Sydney music producer and recording engineer Craig Field to record this performance on location at The Crispe Galleries in Yass, rural NSW. Incidentally, Craig went on to write a feature article about this recording project for Australia’s leading sound recording publication  AudioTechnology Magazine. This was published in June 2017, a few days before the Victoria Introspection Premiere. Craig describes the challenges of this project:

Yesterday’s state premiere was the 2nd premiere to be performed on the same kind of Stuart. That’s two premieres performed on two out of six of these iconic and highly sought after pianos.

Nicholas’s performance was spellbinding. He held the audience enthralled, in the palm of his hand. This is the first time I have attended a recital where people were completely mesmerized, and there was no applause in between the pieces. Everyone stayed in the zone. As one audience member later remarked: ‘we were utterly transfixed, taken to a different place’.

Yesterday demonstrated how entrancing silence can be, and I am going to ask future audiences not to applaud between pieces.

The afternoon tea Beleura House provides is exceptional, as other establishments would market the standard of delicacies on offer as a High Tea. Yesterday was no exception, as it too left some of my friends amazed that it was included in the price of the ticket.

It was an immense honour to have Beleura House host my Victoria Premiere, and I am deeply thankful for their support. I gave Anthony a copy of my album last year when I attended one of Ashley Hribar’s astounding concerts, in the hope that Anthony would have Introspection performed there. As Anthony explained to an amused audience, he never got to hear the CD, as it got stuck in his car’s stereo system and stuffed it up.

It is a testimony to Beleura management to place Introspection in their performance program. I look forward to showcasing more of my art music at this exquisite locale to their open minded supporters, most of them retirees. Who said Australian audiences are conservative?

Now for the rest of 2017, which is shaping up to be very exciting indeed. Nicholas is performing Introspection in Shepparton on October 28th at St Paul’s Lutheran Church’s concert venue.

For all those who were unable to make my Victoria Premiere, Nicholas is performing Introspection in my 50th Birthday Concert on Sunday July 16th at 4pm. This concert will also feature additional award winning musicians, violinist Zoe Friesberg and cellist Gemma Tomlinson, who will perform the world premiere of three of my chamber pieces: duets for piano + violin, piano + cello and a trio for piano + violin + cello. Nicholas will perform an improvised encore to wow the audience at the end.

This 50th Birthday Concert will take place in the Wyselaskie Auditorium at Melbourne University, Parkville, and is accessible by 2 trams, bus, parking, and is very close to Melbourne CBD. We’ll go to a pub close by in Carlton after the concert to celebrate. RSVPing the concert is essential.

A few of the Introspection pieces BTW, were composed less than 500 metres from Wyselaskie Auditorium back in my halcyon days living at 449 Cardigan St, Carlton.

Click here for tickets to my 50th Birthday Concert

I hope some of you can make it to this one-off momentous event.